Dr. Roberta Krauss - A Child and Adolescent Psychology Practice
Welcome to the website for Dr. Roberta Krauss, a Licensed and School Certified Psychologist, providing evaluation, consultation, and child therapy services for toddlers through adolescents at the Bryn Mawr College Child Study Institute, 610-526-5900.

The research is clear - early intervention is much better than a "wait and see" approach, or hoping your child will "grow out of it".  The goal is to accurately assess your child's progress based on developmental milestones, and intervene early to support behavioral readiness for learning and skill development.  The early identification of learning, behavioral, or emotional needs that impact academic development allows your child to obtain the needed intervention for educational success and healthy emotional development. 
Using the knowledge from the fields of child psychology, child development, and education, Dr. Krauss helps parents understand their child's current developmental levels and how to support their child's development.  With preschoolers, she helps parents understand their child's readiness for kindergarten, reading readiness, and individual learning style.  An accurate and valid assessment with young children needs to combine child-friendly standardized testing with systematic observations of the child's developmental skills in play, and integrate this information.  With older children and adolescents, the early and accurate identification of dyslexia, ADHD, anxiety, and other developmental needs is important to long-term success academically and emotionally, and for self-advocacy.

Evaluation can address developmental concerns, learning disabilities and dyslexia, kindergarten readiness, autism spectrum disorders, attention and behavioral concerns, and social-emotional development.  Evaluations can also be helpful at transition times, such as entrance to first grade or to middle school, to identify your child's individual learning style.  
Individual therapy or parent consultation is available to support your child's growth in the areas of behavior, attention, emotional regulation, or anxiety.  A cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) approach, combined with mindfulness meditation practices, is used as these are identified as effective in the research literature.  Dr. Krauss is a certified Lifestyle Meditation teacher.   

When you are worried about your child, there is naturally a state of stress.  With information, support, and guidance, stress is transformed into action, and when your see progress within your child as a result of your perseverance and efforts, you learn that these challenges can be overcome and become sources of strength.
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